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It was really fun getting to know the team during our recent project. The teacher they sent was awesome and our child performers loved working with her. Thank you for going the extra mile for us and working with our budget.

Brittany J.

I couldn't believe how much we ended up saving after Kelly explained to me how SpotOn is an IRS-recognized nonprofit. The teacher they sent was experienced on set and our child actors enjoyed working with her. Hands down the best experience we ever had with a teacher agency for any of the productions I worked on and at a price I still can't believe. Thumbs up.

Daniel M.

Julia was super easy to work with. I know our request was somewhat on short notice but they pulled all the strings to help us out. My new go-to ca studio teacher agency.

Angelica B.

We needed a studio teacher for our indie production and SpotOn made it work. Thanks to their nonprofit status, we even got a tax break. Nobody would even want to write an offer because of our small budget. You guys rock!

Joshua C.