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Set Teachers

If you are here, you are likely working with child performers.

Spot On Teaching provides on-set educational and welfare services to production companies needing teachers for young performers. We aim to ensure that child actors receive a high-quality education while working in the entertainment industry. We are here for you every step, from pre-production support to final wrap.
Our experienced Set Teachers work with children of all ages. The teachers ensure that the child actors receive the required schooling while away from regular schools.
As child labor laws vary from state to state, please contact us so that we can help determine what your needs will be.
Our Set Teachers are available daily for short or long-term bookings worldwide

The SpotOn Advantage

  • Only certified Set Teachers
  • Background checked
  • Set savvy
  • Eligible for tax benefits/incentives*

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Set Teachers

A Set Teacher is certified by the Department of Education in one of the fifty states.

Set Teachers work with the production company to ensure that child actors under 18 receive the mandated number of schooling hours. The Set Teacher schools the minors on set for a minimum of three hours per day. On school days, young performers are expected to bring schoolwork and educational materials with them to set.

When is a Set Teacher Required?

On-set teachers are needed when a minor works on a production during the academic year.

Child labor laws vary from state to state. Many states require a production company to provide a set teacher when child actors are working on a set.

One set teacher is required for every ten child actors on weekdays.

How Long can a Minor Work in One Day?

The length of time a child performer can spend on-set can vary depending on the age of the child performer, as well as the location where the project is taking place.

What Are Your Rates?

Rates sometimes depend on the length of your project, the locations where you are filming, and the availability of teachers in your area. However, check out our Membership program, which offers the lowest effective rates in the industry for certified and background-checked Set Teachers.

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