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The creative Set Teacher


A highly qualified, certified, and background-checked set teacher is crucial for educating young talent in the entertainment and advertising industries. Set teachers, sometimes referred to as studio teachers, play an essential role in maintaining the academic progress of child actors while they work on set. This comprehensive guide will delve into the qualifications, expectations, and unique aspects of being a set teacher, focusing on the services provided by SpotOn Teaching.

What is a Set Teacher?

A set teacher is an educator who specializes in teaching child actors on a film or television set, as well as in commercials, print ads, or theatrical productions. These teachers are responsible for ensuring that young actors receive a quality education while working in the entertainment industry. Set teachers to teach various academic subjects and must be flexible, adaptable, and able to work in a fast-paced environment.

The Importance of Set Teachers

Set teachers enable young actors to balance their work and education. They provide a stable learning environment and ensure that child actors meet the academic requirements of state laws and actors’ union regulations. By offering customized lesson plans and one-on-one or small group instruction, set teachers to help their students excel academically despite the unique challenges of working on set.

Set Teachers vs. Studio Teachers

Though the terms “set teacher” and “studio teacher” are often used interchangeably, the two roles have some key differences. Studio teachers, specifically those in California, must have additional training similar to that of a social worker. They also serve as child advocates, ensuring the welfare and safety of the young actors. On the other hand, set teachers focus primarily on the child actors’ academic needs.

Qualifications of Set Teachers

To become a set teacher, one must hold the appropriate certifications and qualifications. These requirements may vary depending on the state and the production’s specific needs.

Educational Requirements

Set teachers should hold a teaching credential and be qualified to teach several academic subjects, including Science, Math, and English, for grades K-12. The ability to teach a foreign language is often considered an advantage in this field. Following state laws and actors’ union regulations, set teachers should be certified to teach at least one K-12 subject.

Background Checks

Set teachers must undergo a thorough background check to ensure the safety of the child actors they work with. Companies like SpotOn Teaching provide highly qualified, certified, and background-checked set teachers to the entertainment industry.

Experience and Skills

While not always a strict requirement, having prior teaching experience can benefit set teachers. Additionally, set teachers must possess excellent communication skills, flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to think independently.

Working Hours and Schedules

Set teachers must be prepared to work during typical school hours and be available for longer days, depending on the production schedule. They should be adaptable and able to accommodate the often unpredictable and varied hours of the entertainment industry.

Full-Day Assignments

Teaching assignments for set teachers typically include full-day projects. A full day comprises nine hours with breaks.


Set teachers may be required to travel for their assignments, sometimes for extended periods.

The Unique Environment of Set Teaching

Set teachers work in an ever-changing environment that requires creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. They must be able to teach in different locations and conditions while maintaining high academic standards and best teaching practices.

Teaching in Various Locations

Set teachers may teach in various locations, such as a set trailer or under a canopy of trees in a forest. Set teachers must be prepared to adapt their teaching methods and materials to suit the unique circumstances of each location.

Field Trips and Experiential Learning

In addition to providing traditional academic instruction, set teachers can plan unique field trips and experiential learning activities for their students. These experiences range from a guided tour around the block to a camel ride in the desert.

Balancing Education and Production

Set teachers must be skilled at managing the delicate balance between the educational needs of their students and the demands of the production schedule. They must ensure that academic progress is maintained while also accommodating the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.

The Benefits of Being a Set Teacher

Set teaching offers several benefits that can make it an attractive career option for educators seeking a unique and rewarding experience.

One-on-One and Small Group Instruction

Set teachers can work closely with a small group of students or even one-on-one. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, leading to more effective and personalized instruction.

Flexibility and Variety

Set teachers enjoy a high degree of flexibility in their work schedules and assignments. Independent contractors can accept or decline projects based on their interests and availability. Additionally, the ever-changing environment and varied locations of set teaching offer a unique and stimulating experience for educators.

The Chance to Make a Difference

By providing quality education and support to young actors, set teachers play an essential role in helping these talented individuals succeed on and off the screen. It can be a deeply rewarding experience to know that one’s efforts contribute to these young performers’ personal and professional growth.

Finding Set Teaching Opportunities

For educators interested in pursuing a career as a set teacher, there are several avenues to explore when seeking job opportunities.

SpotOn Teaching

SpotOn Teaching is an excellent resource for finding set teaching positions. They provide highly qualified, certified, background-checked set and CA studio teachers to the entertainment and advertising industry. To be considered for opportunities with SpotOn Teaching, submit your resume and a completed registration form to their executive offices.

Networking and Industry Connections

Building connections within the entertainment industry can be a valuable strategy for finding set teaching opportunities.


Set teachers are crucial in educating child actors in the entertainment industry. With the right qualifications, experience, and skills, educators can find rewarding and unique opportunities in set teaching. Companies like SpotOn Teaching provide an invaluable service by connecting highly qualified set teachers with the productions that need them, ensuring the continued academic success of young performers.