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Creating Opportunities

Our True Passion

We believe that every great dream begins with a dreamer. With the right kind of help, your help,  together we can make their dreams come true.

Making A Difference

“I saw the difference my volunteering made and I am glad I could help create opportunities for so many in need!”

“We all have an opportunity to give, to teach, and to encourage.” – Roger Palms

While public education can serve as a good starting point, many students fall behind and struggle to excel in an environment that is not designed to help develop everyone’s unique abilities and turn them into valuable, sought-after skills.

At SpotOn Teaching, we believe that all students who want to complete their K12 education, graduate from college, or continue on a higher or professional education path should not be limited by a lack of access to the necessary resources. With our initiatives and programs, we can offer assistance to those who want to learn but otherwise struggle to keep up.

By volunteering at SpotOn, you may help someone dramatically change their life trajectory, whether they are just starting or looking for a new career. The skills you can help develop for you and others will last a lifetime.


Higher Income (HS vs. Bachelor Degree)


of Children Say They are Falling Behind Academically


of Parents would Prefer Affordable Private over Public School
Together We Build Dreams

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